Professional Development Programmes


We have accredited facilitators who work alongside Best Practice Network (a national organisation that specialises in leadership and other professional development training).

NPQs: Reformed for 2021

The reformed National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are a suite of DfE accredited qualifications for school leaders, designed to support professional development - helping school leaders and teachers become more effective.

All of the qualifications are based on brand new NPQ Frameworks which draw from the very latest evidence and research and complete the golden thread, running from initial teacher training through to school leadership, rooting teacher and school leader development in the best available evidence and collective wisdom of the profession. 

These qualifications have recently been reformed; the previous four options have now become six. While three leadership NPQs remain, we now offer three specialist NPQs for middle leaders, with a focus on expertise in specific areas. This to better prepare teachers and leaders for the next step in their chosen career path.